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Back in the early stages of the Covid 19 pandemic, Chrissy Tracey was encouraged to quit her career in technology, and become fully engrossed within what she loved best--food. It was time to pursue her love of cooking and her passion of feeding people delicious, plant forward meals full time.

Chrissy's mission is to show people that healthy, plant based foods can be accessible, affordable, protein packed, and filling. We strive to encourage you to start looking at your plate from a plant-over-meat focused perspective. One of our main pillars of focus stems from the practice of safe, sustainable, foraging. Foraging is the act of identifying and harvesting edible wild foods.  Why? It's a creative approach to help combat food insecurity and provide a means of access to fresh fruits and vegetables for everyone. 

We challenge the status quo and are here to show you that a plant based lifestyle is possible. With an imaginative and inclusive approach to the lifestyle, the Eat With Chrissy Brand hopes to encourage all to live more plant curious lives. 

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Image by Anna Pelzer
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What people are saying



She is very professional and loves her job. Her empanadas are delicious.



Food is delicious! I was surprised it wasn’t real meat at times. Even my grandmother enjoyed it! Definitely would recommend to all.



Chrissy’s food is amazing and nutritious as well as ticking the comfort foods box with great dishes and veggie meats that satisfy carnivores looking to cut cholesterol and eat better. You will love it!

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