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We utilize only the best ingredients-
always local, always fresh. 

Meet Chrissy Tracey. A passionate, professional vegan chef and forager. I believe we all have a responsibility to decrease our environmental footprint in this world. One of the single best ways to do that is to decrease meat consumption, for animal welfare, for our planet, and for our collective and individual well being. We encourage everyone to discover the world of plant based foods at their own pace, and each meal you experience is crafted with love and sustainability at the forefront!

Herb salad


Bon Appétit Magazine

Read the latest on owner Chrissy Tracey's journey-- join Tracey as she shares a compelling, holiday story, on why you should celebrate the upcoming holidays with coquito at the center of your table. 

“As an avowed carnivore, I was skeptical at first...until I took my first bite. If you’re contemplating going veggie/vegan/just want to cut some carcinogens out of your diet, Chrissy’s products can and will convert you.” -TG

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